For Building Residents

Is there anything I can do to prepare for the planned electrical outages affecting my building?

Make sure that all your electronic devices are turned off, including computers, printers, copiers and battery backups (UPS). 

I'm in a building that will be on backup power. Are the generators loud?

The generators are diesel powered and fall within a standard decibel range. You will be able to hear the generators within the building (similar to the sound of an idling truck) but the sound should not affect standard office operations like phone calls. The generators are a necessary inconvenience to keep business running, but we will do our best to minimize impact.

My building is closed during the outage. Does that mean I cannot enter it at all?

Yes, you will have no access to the closed building during this outage.

Contact the Work Coordination Center at 541-737-2969 or if you have any other questions.